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Customer testimonials

Discover the success stories of our clients and see how Amicus has made a meaningful impact in their businesses - explore our testimonials page for genuine insights and experiences shared by those who have partnered with us.

"Well executed and knowledgeable leadership team workshop. Peter and Jennifer hosted an excellent leadership team workshop. The workshop has helped our team to understand the different team dynamics/personalities which in turn has enabled us to work together more effectively as a team. We understood that we had to work more cohesively with other departments within our company. This then led to Amicus setting up another workshop with Major Projects who Mace MEP work with on a regular basis. Thank you Peter and Jennifer for conducting such an informative and engaging workshop!"

Gavin Seager

Business Unit Director, Mace MEP Services Ltd

"It was a real example of dealing with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous scenario. Preparing our future leaders for the inevitable black swans that the world will throw at them during their career. Looking forward to doing it again this year."

Brian Moone

Director, Mace Business School

“At the very genesis of my business, I reached out to Sir Peter at Amicus to ask him to Chair the first of my business leadership groups. It’s a little-known fact that he is not only one of the 12 Directors of one of the world’s greatest companies – General Dynamics, but also a visiting Professor at the University of Exeter – and, again, all of this experience serves to help my own Members – largely CEOs and MDs – develop their business as well as their own leadership skills. Amicus Limited offer years of collective experience, clients any company would give their right arm for and a track-record second-to-none at the very top of the business world. I had the privilege of working alongside Sir Peter and Jennifer in the development of the excellent inaugural Amicus Live event which they both organise and host, with the next event set for later in 2023. That General James Mattis – a former US Secretary of Defence and NATO Supreme Allied Commander – agreed to speak – speaks volumes doesn’t it? If you are a leader or company seeking leadership development, for you or your people, then from my vantage point - it’s a ‘Strongly Recommended'."

Jamie Breese

Managing Director, Evo Ultra

"Working with Peter, Jennifer and the wider team at Amicus on the recent restructure and development of our leadership team has been a genuinely positive and rewarding experience. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and passion for leadership development are second to none. Over the course of the years that we have worked with Amicus, Peter and Jennifer have developed a deep understanding of our organisation and our unique needs allowing them to deliver tailored and impactful programmes that make a difference. Their ability to inspire and connect with our team members and foster an environment of trust and growth is commendable. Throughout the process, their guidance and mentorship has been invaluable, equipping our leaders with the skills and knowledge to help take our business forward."

Helier Smith

CEO, Jersey Water

"The sessions gave us an immensely valuable insight in how we work as individuals and as a collective. I have no hesitation in recommending Amicus as an outstanding provider in the leadership and strategic sphere."

Phil Horsley

Managing Director, Geomarine

"Peter delivered a fascinating talk at our annual portfolio event, attended by the senior leadership team of both Caledonia and all of our portfolio companies. He covered institutional and operational leadership, resilience in an uncertain and volatile world and leadership for emotional wellbeing. Questions were focused on the potential course of the Ukraine war in 2023. The session inspired and energised our audience and we would highly recommend using Peter and the team at Amicus for events like these."

Tom Leader

Head of Caledonia Private Capital, Caledonia Investments plc

"I invited Jennifer Carnegie to deliver the commencement speech at our University College Jersey 2021 Graduation Ceremony. This is a highlight of our academic calendar and a key moment in the lives of our university students and their families. We register 4500 students of all ages, and from diverse backgrounds, every year with outstanding outcomes. Jennifer knew exactly what note to strike. The pandemic meant we had been forced to cancel the 2020 Graduation and we held an open-air event (due to restrictions at the time) with more than 400 guests, including leading dignitaries from our U.K. university partners and the island’s business, political and voluntary sector leaders. Jennifer is an authentic leader. In her speech, she drew from her understanding of global change, described the challenges and opportunities our graduates would experience and connected this to her personal experience with humour and humility. She was clear that students need strong values, to build their resilience and have high standards to make a positive impact on their community. It was also important for our wider community to hear from a top-class female leader, delivering the commencement speech, as women have been underrepresented at CEO levels in Jersey and the UK. I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer as a public speaker and have personally gained from her coaching and encouragement."

Jo Terry-Marchant

Principal of Highlands College and University College Jersey

"Jennifer and Peter came and delivered a fantastic workshop which the team fully embraced and I have seen a marked improvement in the collective performance of the team."

Christopher Peach

General Manager, Radisson Blu

GR8 recently completed the Amicus Team Development Programme, as a small operational team of 9 it was decided that the entire team would take part in the process. The process of engagement was excellent with my team and I completing the biometric tests and being interviewed by Jennifer and Peter. The programme and the team workshop day provided a far better understanding of team skill set and needs of individuals and how to get the best of each of my team, it enabled a free and easy flow of communication to ensure that as a collective we can be as efficient as possible and achieve even better results. The day after the workshop we initialled a set of quick wins based on the team and have improved performance and morale, with the ability to clearly define strengths and weakness in individuals we all have a better understanding of how to get the best out of each other, mid-term we have set new improved productivity targets and long term goals are being discussed to ensure that the team is as effective and as happy as possible. I have no hesitation in recommending any organisation of any size to Amicus and it’s Team Development Programme, it has had an immediate positive impact on my business, my people and with time my bottom line.

Lee Madden

CEO, GR8 Recruitment

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