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Operation Crucible

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Not only do resilient teams perform better under stress, but they are also more effective in dealing with everyday challenges.

Team cohesion, commitment, accountability and trust are all enhanced, which greatly improve overall performance.

Why resilience matters

Resilience is what is tested when organisations are faced with something unexpected. Increasingly it’s resilience rather than risk that investors, shareholders, and oversight committees are interested in. Resilience lives outside of risk registers in the people, culture, and leadership of an organisation. Resilience does not happen by chance – it takes investment, development and refinement.

Resilience and risk management are not synonymous; the range of responses to COVID-19 made that quite clear. In the wake of previous crises, risk management became a buzzword for ‘good’ governance. Great care was taken to identify what was likely to happen, to stress test, and to build plans for what we might experience. Investors, non-execs and boards drew comfort from putting things ‘on the radar.’
Operation Crucible

Is a tried and tested CPD accredited 8 hour programme that assesses and enhances the resilience of senior teams with a real-world tabletop exercise brought to life and facilitated by the Amicus team. Developed with methodology used by British military leaders and contingency planners for handling crises, participants spend a day being tested, in person, with key leadership principles identified and developed throughout.

Operation Crucible challenges thinking under pressure, temperament and teamwork and is set in a highly realistic, non-commercial, humanitarian crisis scenario. It goes beyond ‘admiring the problem’ to making tough decisions and planning to deliver clear outcomes. Advice and tutelage are provided by expert mentors with extensive on-the-ground operational expertise, and a structured check-in is conducted a month after the initial exercise.

Learning outcomes
  • Making decisions in the midst of a highly complex pressurised scenario
  • Handling multiple stakeholders, focusing on setting the appropriate tone and making values-led decisions
  • Exploring collaborative decision-making in a team environment: the balance between ‘me’ and ‘we’
  • Recognising and understanding how leadership can be distorted under stress to the point of becoming ‘toxic’
  • Anticipating the aftermath – what the impact will be on reputation, both internally and externally
  • Developing competence through the advice of mentors with a proven record of leadership in emergency situations
  • Communications including media handling
Duration: 8 hours with structured check-in after 1 month
Delivery: In-person
Level: Middle and senior management
Participants: min 6 max 50 operating in teams of 2-4
Develops: Resilience, teamwork, leadership and accountability
Type: Operational Resilience
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"The workshop has helped our team to understand the different team dynamics/personalities which in turn has enabled us to work together more effectively as a team."

Gavin Seager

Business Unit Director, Mace MEP Services Ltd

"It was a real example of dealing with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous scenario. Preparing our future leaders for the inevitable black swans that the world will throw at them during their career."

Brian Moone

Director, Mace Business School

"Amicus Limited offer years of collective experience, clients any company would give their right arm for and a track-record second-to-none at the very top of the business world."

Jamie Breese

Managing Director, Evo Ultra

"Their professionalism, responsiveness, and passion for leadership development are second to none."

Helier Smith

CEO, Jersey Water

"The sessions gave us an immensely valuable insight in how we work as individuals and as a collective. I have no hesitation in recommending Amicus as an outstanding provider in the leadership and strategic sphere."

Phil Horsley

Managing Director, Geomarine

"The session inspired and energised our audience and we would highly recommend using Peter and the team at Amicus for events like these."

Tom Leader

Head of Caledonia Private Capital, Caledonia Investments plc

"This is a highlight of our academic calendar and a key moment in the lives of our university students and their families. We register 4500 students of all ages, and from diverse backgrounds, every year with outstanding outcomes."

Jo Terry-Marchant

Principal of Highlands College and University College Jersey

"Jennifer and Peter came and delivered a fantastic workshop which the team fully embraced and I have seen a marked improvement in the collective performance of the team."

Christopher Peach

General Manager, Radisson Blu

I have no hesitation in recommending any organisation of any size to Amicus and it’s Team Development Programme, it has had an immediate positive impact on my business, my people and with time my bottom line.

Lee Madden

CEO, GR8 Recruitment

"The sessions gave us an immensely valuable insight in how we work as individuals and as a collective. I have no hesitation in recommending Amicus as an outstanding provider in the leadership and strategic sphere."

Phil Horsley

Managing Director, Geomarine

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