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Senior Leadership Development Programme

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Leadership at the strategic level can be tough.

As well as leading your people and driving them to achieve results, you’re also trying to visualise the future whilst contending with a range of external pressures.

An organisation is only as good as its senior leaders

Balancing these competing demands is critical to your effectiveness. One minute you’re managing relationships with the board, regulator, shareholders or the media. The next, you’re focused on your organisation’s reputation and performance. Inspiring and motivating your people is your responsibility too, crucially supported by your senior leadership team.

Senior Leadership Development

Is a programme that exposes your next generation of leaders – your up-and-coming directors with the most potential – to the challenges and demands of the highest offices in your business. They will adopt the perspectives of the individual leader, the company, the sector and global influences, all set in the context of your culture, the CEO’s future intentions, and the direction of travel.

Not only is your organisation more agile, your team are more engaged - it’s like a breath of fresh air, providing a range of techniques that can be applied throughout your business.

The programme is conducted over an extended time period, designed so participants can begin to implement change in the workplace whilst still under training. Mentoring is regularly provided between each module.

  • You, the leader
  • Developing your people
  • Planning for success
Learning outcomes
  • Setting objectives and priorities
  • Managing performance and having difficult conversations
  • Getting the best from your people
  • Being held to account and holding to account
  • Planning and execution
  • Effective delegation
  • Growth mindset
Duration: 4 modules over 4 months
Delivery: Remote or, preferably, in-person
Level: Mid to senior management
Participants: min 6
Develops: Leadership potential, leading with intent
Type: Leadership development
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"The workshop has helped our team to understand the different team dynamics/personalities which in turn has enabled us to work together more effectively as a team."

Gavin Seager

Business Unit Director, Mace MEP Services Ltd

"It was a real example of dealing with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous scenario. Preparing our future leaders for the inevitable black swans that the world will throw at them during their career."

Brian Moone

Director, Mace Business School

"Amicus Limited offer years of collective experience, clients any company would give their right arm for and a track-record second-to-none at the very top of the business world."

Jamie Breese

Managing Director, Evo Ultra

"Their professionalism, responsiveness, and passion for leadership development are second to none."

Helier Smith

CEO, Jersey Water

"The sessions gave us an immensely valuable insight in how we work as individuals and as a collective. I have no hesitation in recommending Amicus as an outstanding provider in the leadership and strategic sphere."

Phil Horsley

Managing Director, Geomarine

"The session inspired and energised our audience and we would highly recommend using Peter and the team at Amicus for events like these."

Tom Leader

Head of Caledonia Private Capital, Caledonia Investments plc

"This is a highlight of our academic calendar and a key moment in the lives of our university students and their families. We register 4500 students of all ages, and from diverse backgrounds, every year with outstanding outcomes."

Jo Terry-Marchant

Principal of Highlands College and University College Jersey

"Jennifer and Peter came and delivered a fantastic workshop which the team fully embraced and I have seen a marked improvement in the collective performance of the team."

Christopher Peach

General Manager, Radisson Blu

I have no hesitation in recommending any organisation of any size to Amicus and it’s Team Development Programme, it has had an immediate positive impact on my business, my people and with time my bottom line.

Lee Madden

CEO, GR8 Recruitment

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