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Dr Charlie Tweed

Dr Charlie Tweed


Charlie operated in a number of high stress environments prior to qualifying as a doctor in 2011, undertaking survival and endurance training as well as a number of tough races such as the Mount Everest marathon, starting at base camp, and the Dead Sea Ultramarathon whilst working with the Jordanian Red Crescent in the Middle East.

He has worked in a variety of teams and leadership positions both in and out of the military medical arena including surgery, emergency medicine and remote and austere trauma, having deployed in high pressure environments with the Submarine Service and in Counter Terrorism. He left the regular forces in 2023 at the rank of Surgeon Lieutenant Commander. His more recent work in Military and NHS Psychiatry and Psychotherapy has furthered his understanding of how teams and individuals deal with extreme pressures and how to get the most out of people. He is the founder of Resolute, a company teaching teams and individuals to build Psychological Health and Resilience. Outside of NHS Crisis Psychiatry, he works as a Trauma Psychotherapist with the Royal Marines Charity helping veterans with their mental health.

He has particular interest in treating people with treatment resistant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and has a MSc in Military and Austere Trauma, as well as a BA in History. In his spare time Charlie is a keen Windsurfer and Kitesurfer, writes fiction novels, and is taken on walks by his cocker spaniel.

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