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Three key questions for leaders of organisations

February 10, 2017

Three key questions for leaders of organisations

Amicus exists to enable you to achieve your strategic goals, faster and more effectively. We do this by enabling you to get the most from your people so you can hone your competitive edge. Using our military and business expertise we focus on three key questions:

1. Are you organised for success?

We assist you in building a cohesive senior executive team leading an organisation structured for success.

2. Are your people committed to your goals?

We assist your leaders in delivering their goals, building commitment across your people. They will have the motivation and resilience to overcome friction and get the job done.

3. Do your people really understand what you want them to do?

We work with you to ensure that you have absolute clarity of purpose and intent, that you communicate that message clearly and consistently to your people and they understand their personal role in your plan.

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