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Leading in uncertain times - part 1

July 27, 2017

Leading in uncertain times Part 1: The issue

We are in an unprecedented era of political volatility. Unusually, much of that volatility is emanating from western capitals, not least Washington DC and London. The turbulence spawned by the Trump phenomenon and the Brexit situation are of course key factors, and there is no sense that these are going to change anytime soon.

Political volatility generates unpredictability for governments, businesses and just about every facet of society. Unpredictability and uncertainty erode people’s confidence, threaten job security and complicate decision making. This can be very unsettling for organisations and for your workforce – those individuals that are key to fulfilling your purpose, achieving your goals and delivering your desired outcomes.

Is there a remedy that organisations can employ to steer a course through uncertain times? There is no panacea or silver bullet, but strong leadership provides a range of opportunities to enable you to weather the storm. This series of short articles will address these opportunities in turn. They can be applied as a ‘spring- cleaning’ exercise to help you sharpen resilience and turn threats into opportunities.

In Part 2 I will address the importance of being absolutely clear about what you are trying to achieve.

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