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Operation Crucible in practice

We were asked to support an internal programme for a large UK construction company with a global reach.

The company runs its own business school to develop the capabilities of its staff and essential companies in its supply chain. Their prestige course is the Masterclass Programme, run annually for middle to senior executives, and for which Operation Crucible was selected as the programme finale.

The process

The participants were required to read pre-course work the night before, followed by videos and expert briefings on the crisis to be resolved. Over the next 8 hours, the participants worked in small teams, playing the role of a UN team advising on solving a humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa. They were required to make a plan under time pressure and to brief their plan to UNHQ. As the day unfolded, the full scale of the problem was revealed and participants came under increasing pressure. Their calm under pressure, clarity of thought and teamwork were assessed. Media handling and communications skills were also tested.

Personal development

Each team was assigned an expert mentor with personal experience in extreme military or humanitarian crises. Space is built into the programme for mentors to build a rapport with each participant and impart their experience and expertise to enrich the learning opportunities. The session ended with a discussion on lessons learned, how participants could apply this learning to their executive roles, and what changes they may make in future to be more effective leaders.


None of the participants had experienced anything like Operation Crucible, and as well as thoroughly enjoying the ‘baptism of fire’, they took away invaluable lessons. Amicus was available for follow-up discussions and mentoring as part of the programme with a check-in over the following month.

To quote the Masterclass Programme Principal, “All participants said that the exercise had stimulated a huge amount of personal awareness and development that would be invaluable when they face difficult leadership situations in future.”

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"The workshop has helped our team to understand the different team dynamics/personalities which in turn has enabled us to work together more effectively as a team."

Gavin Seager

Business Unit Director, Mace MEP Services Ltd

"It was a real example of dealing with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous scenario. Preparing our future leaders for the inevitable black swans that the world will throw at them during their career."

Brian Moone

Director, Mace Business School

"Amicus Limited offer years of collective experience, clients any company would give their right arm for and a track-record second-to-none at the very top of the business world."

Jamie Breese

Managing Director, Evo Ultra

"Their professionalism, responsiveness, and passion for leadership development are second to none."

Helier Smith

CEO, Jersey Water

"The sessions gave us an immensely valuable insight in how we work as individuals and as a collective. I have no hesitation in recommending Amicus as an outstanding provider in the leadership and strategic sphere."

Phil Horsley

Managing Director, Geomarine

"The session inspired and energised our audience and we would highly recommend using Peter and the team at Amicus for events like these."

Tom Leader

Head of Caledonia Private Capital, Caledonia Investments plc

"This is a highlight of our academic calendar and a key moment in the lives of our university students and their families. We register 4500 students of all ages, and from diverse backgrounds, every year with outstanding outcomes."

Jo Terry-Marchant

Principal of Highlands College and University College Jersey

"Jennifer and Peter came and delivered a fantastic workshop which the team fully embraced and I have seen a marked improvement in the collective performance of the team."

Christopher Peach

General Manager, Radisson Blu

I have no hesitation in recommending any organisation of any size to Amicus and it’s Team Development Programme, it has had an immediate positive impact on my business, my people and with time my bottom line.

Lee Madden

CEO, GR8 Recruitment

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