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Amicus Leadership Conference 2024

We believe passionately that every employee has a right to be inspired, motivated & supported to give their best at work, and the secret to achieving that is great leadership.

We want to share that passion and encourage businesses to improve their own leadership impact and capability so their employees can thrive. Knowledge grows when it’s shared and we think a conference is a great way to share knowledge, broaden outlooks, learn how to get things done and inspire everyone to achieve more.

What makes the Amicus Leadership Conference stand out above the rest? We have walked the walk for many years. For example, General Sir Peter Wall was the former Head of the British Army, Jennifer Carnegie has worked in the C-suite of international corporations, Steve Dalton was MD of the Sony UK Technology Centre. All are on commercial Boards as NEDs and Chairs. Our whole team has great credentials and first-rate leadership experience. We know what works and how to apply it.

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The Conference

Tuesday 19th March 2024
Radisson Blu Waterfront, Jersey

The conference will contain workshops, panel sessions, keynote speakers and Q&A forums with highly experienced leaders.

Who should attend

Our leadership conference is for individuals, teams, those already in leadership roles with lots of experience, or those just starting out in their leadership journey.

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What to expect

We are continuously researching, writing and speaking about all aspects of leadership.

This one-day conference will include multiple topics which will cover a range of interests and points of focus for delegates. The conference will be formally accredited by the Continuous Professional Development Certification Service allowing individuals to record the time spent at the conference towards their annual CPD requirement.

There will also be opportunity to speak to the Amicus team and guest speakers 1:1 during refreshments, lunch and after the conference as we extend a welcome to the bar for a post conference drink. We will also be hosting a private 'limited ticket' dinner in the evening, which will be an intimate setting with General Sir Peter Wall and the Amicus Team, taking a light-hearted look at leadership including some personal experiences.

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Keynote Speakers

The conference will kick off with Amicus CEO, General Sir Peter Wall.

Peter was Head of the British Army, and he brings extensive experience of working at the top of Government as well as a proven track record in the practical leadership of large and complex organisations including combat formations and the Army itself.

Peter is also an independent director of General Dynamics in the US and holds a range of other commercial and charitable director positions. Peter will be starting the day talking about the latest Trends in Leadership addressing the vital importance of engaging with your people, positive decision making and the opportunities AI will bring for leaders.

Our second speaker of the day is Steve Dalton OBE, Amicus Associate and former MD of the Sony UK Technology Centre.

An inspirational and visionary Senior Executive & Transformation Leader, with a unique skill set of operational, supply chain & change management skills, developed turning around and growing business in crisis. A 40-year career spent entirely working for Sony at the Sony UK Technology Centre in South Wales.

17 years as the Managing Director of the diverse business portfolio. Responsible for the P/L of complete manufacturing and distribution of Sony live broadcast and professional camera systems for global markets, after sales service repair for both consumer and professional Sony products across the UK and Europe, developed a third-party manufacturing contract portfolio of non-competing businesses from start up to £100m+ turnover and an on-site facility for housing circa 30 start-up companies. Steve has served on several boards as an independent executive in both industry, education and sport sectors.

Steve will be touching on leaders maintaining creativity and innovation in your organisation. Both topics will have a panel of experienced leaders in their field to open up the discussion further.

Steve Dalton OBE


There will be a chance to partake in two workshops of your choice during the day, here are some of the workshops available.

Looking After Yourself as a Leader

Are you and your team constantly stressed or anxious and you’re not sure how to manage your emotions, keep motivated and consistently perform at a high level? Dr Charlie Tweed, our clinical psychiatrist will unpack the science behind emotional wellbeing, how it affects our minds and the links to motivation followed by techniques you can use to help look after yourself in these high-pressured roles.

Charlie has worked in a variety of teams and leadership positions both in and out of the military medical arena including surgery, emergency medicine and remote and austere trauma, having deployed in high pressure environments with the Submarine Service and in Counter Terrorism. He left the regular forces in 2023 at the rank of Surgeon Lieutenant Commander. His more recent work in Military and NHS Psychiatry and Psychotherapy has furthered his understanding of how teams and individuals deal with extreme pressures and how to get the most out of people.

Managing Difficult Conversations and Conflict

Do you find difficult conversations stressful – for example, meetings about disciplinary matters or performance management? Do you avoid conflict, even when you are in the right and feel you should press your point, but lack the confidence to do so?

Be assured this is a common challenge and you aren’t alone. This workshop will give you the tools and techniques to enable you to cope more confidently with these awkward and anxious situations. Jennifer Carnegie, who brings extensive experience as a former Chief People Officer, will guide you through this invaluable workshop to upgrade your abilities and confidence in this key area of leadership.

Jennifer spent 20 years working around the world for international blue-chip corporations. Recently, she was the Chief People Officer for Digicel, operating across 24 markets in the Caribbean and Central America. Prior to that, Jennifer was instrumental in creating and running a successful global corporate university for Mars Incorporated, one of the world’s leading fast-moving consumer goods companies. An accomplished industrial engineer, Jennifer has designed and delivered high-level, externally accredited training programmes in many countries that have enabled businesses to lift their performance and gain a competitive advantage. She is the Chair of Jersey Business and is on several other commercial boards.

Board Effectiveness

Nearly all organisations are overseen by a board. How do you know that your governance is fit for purpose and that your board is receiving the right information, has the right skills, culture and values, and is focusing and taking decisions on the right issues? Also, that your Board runs effectively and efficiently, and does not overburden the organisation.

Our Board Effectiveness workshop will flag up common governance challenges and propose potential solutions. You can bring your issues to the panel and we will work them through as examples. The workshop will be run jointly by Ewen Fleming, partner at UK professional services firm Johnston Carmichael and Sir Peter Wall, CEO of Amicus. Both bring extensive practical experience of board roles and board assessment.

Ewen is a highly experienced Financial Services professional with a career that spans industry and professional services. Over his career he has worked across FS and extensively in Retail/SME Banking, wealth management and insurance. Ewen was previously Practice Leader of Grant Thornton’s Financial Services Group before joining Johnston Carmichael to lead their FS sector approach and grow their FS sector Advisory presence. Ewen will be the Partner responsible for this engagement. He has significant experience in leading client engagements across strategy development, performance optimisation, complex change and M&A initiatives. Ewen is passionate about, and has a strong track record of, operationalising and scaling strategic & regulatory change initiatives to deliver sustainable business results.

Developing Your Coaching Leadership Style

Do you struggle to delegate, ending up with too much work on your plate? Are you frequently problem-solving for others and find that your team constantly hijack your schedule, asking for your help?

This session will equip you with simple but powerful coaching techniques that you can use to develop and empower your people. You will learn when to use a coaching leadership style, and when it isn’t helpful, along with understanding how to self-coach to help you navigate challenging situations.

Emilie West, is our award-winning career and leadership coach. Emilie coaches everyone from recent graduates to CEOs, equipping them with the skills and tools to thrive in their work. Prior to working as a coach Emilie worked in Investment Banking, holding senior positions within RBS Corporate & Institutional Banking, including Head of Leadership, Head of Marketing and Head of EMEA Fixed-income research.

Building Resilience in Leadership: Overcoming Adversity and Challenges

Led by Amicus CEO, Sir Peter Wall this workshop will reveal the essence of creating resilient teams, better able to withstand shocks and setbacks in this unstable world.

Peter will offer his thoughts on resilience drawing on his operational experiences in the UK military. He will relate these ideas to the modern workplace where leaders set the tone, make decisions under pressure, and steer their organisations through challenging situations. In a free-flowing conversation participants will gain ideas and confidence from one another and take the first steps towards becoming more resilient leaders.

Followership: Why it Matters to Leaders

The best organisations promote followership to complement what their leaders are doing and enhance their overall performance. Followership encompasses a range of behaviours that expedite the outcomes that leaders are looking for, whilst also shaping their leaders’ thinking to make them more in tune with the situation and hence more effective.

This workshop will explain what followership entails and why it is such a powerful addition to the leadership toolkit in an organisation. It will offer hints as to how you can apply followership and change the behaviours on your teams. Lance Gerrard-Wright, senior consultant from the Inspirational Development Group, will lead the workshop, interspersing the material with examples from his own experiences as a military leader and expert facilitator on leadership issues.

Lance spent 11 years as an Infantry Officer in the British Military, comprising a number of differing roles.  Operationally this included leading soldiers in the counter-insurgency campaign in Northern Ireland, patrolling daily in highly-charged environments;  and Bosnia, where as well as leading soldiers, Lance was a Liaison Officer between the 3 warring factions.  This required delicate negotiating and the necessity to see simplicity through confusion.  Military service also included time in post-Civil War Mozambique training and developing a new National Army;  a 2 year tour as an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst;  and as a final posting, a tour at Buckingham Palace as an Equerry to a senior member of the Royal Family.  After leaving the Army, he has put his people and management skills to use in civilian life in the field of leadership development, working internationally and across a broad range of sectors.  He progressed to become Head of UK business for an SME, and has acted as both an in-house Performance Coach and as Head of a Leadership Institute.

Leading for the Competitive Edge

Participants will explore the critical role of leadership in elevating an established team to new heights of performance. Through interactive and guided discussions, attendees will delve into the principles and practices that distinguish exceptional leaders. Drawing from real-world examples and cutting-edge research, the workshop will illuminate the power of visionary leadership, effective communication, and fostering a culture of collaboration and accountability. Participants will learn to identify and leverage their strengths as leaders, while also addressing areas for growth and development.

With leadership as the catalyst, the workshop aims to ignite a transformational journey for teams, propelling them towards becoming high-performing units capable of overcoming challenges, achieving unparalleled success and generating the competitive edge for your organisation.

This workshop will be run by Steve Dalton OBE and David McNeill, a former international, gold medal winning rower; British Army Officer and corporate leader with experience in finance and the Big-4. His passion is in helping organisations and individuals reach their potential. David is now Amicus’ Senior Associate Consultant and brings his cross-cutting experience to elicit transformative change in leadership culture and behaviours.

Understanding Yourself as a Leader

This workshop strips leadership right back to basics and helps individuals understand different leadership styles, what leadership is all about, why it’s important and the value of really understanding yourself and others.

Jennifer Carnegie, Amicus COO, will explain how science helps us to predict behaviours and how you can use that to be the best leader you can be, get the most from your team and really drive engagement and performance in your organisation.

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Sir Peter Wall and Jennifer Carnegie

So who are we?

Co-founders Sir Peter Wall and Jennifer Carnegie set up Amicus almost 10 years ago with the purpose of supporting organisations to deliver great results by bringing out the best in their people.

Meet the team

Conference Ticket

£225 per person for full day conference/workshops/refreshments and lunch.

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Limited Ticket Private Dinner

£70 per person for 3 courses and wine.

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